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I am certified to teach elementary, middle, and high school students.  I have always been interested in learning about and teaching about the whole world.  There is not a subject area that I enjoy more than any other--I love it all!  Teaching Technology to Kindergarten through 4th grade students allows me to teach and learn about all kinds of topics while we all learn about how technology can help us in our lives.

I graduated from UW-Platteville in 2006 and quickly set out on an adventure teaching English as a foreign language in Hangzhou, China for a little more than a year.  

For the next few years, I submersed myself in near full-time substitute teaching.  I have taken on the role of virtually every kind of educator--pre-kindergarten through G.E.D. programs.  I have taught every grade and subject, and worked with students of all abilities.  The experiences I have had while substitute teaching have given me a unique and holistic view of education that I cherish.

Outside of school, I enjoy skiing, board games, and books in the winter.  In the summer, I try to fit in as much camping, hiking, frisbee golfing, and relaxing as I can.

My wife, Kimberly, daughter, Victoria, and two cats, Zip and Bamboo, keep my house exciting!
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