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Tyler J. Young

608-572-0463                         838 S Gammon Rd #4 Madison, WI 53719                  tylerteacher@gmail.com


Teaching Certification

            Broad Field Social Studies 701 (Age 10-21)

            History 725 (Age 10-21)


Bachelor of Arts (Spring 2006)

·University of Wisconsin-Platteville


            ·Comprehensive Social Sciences - History Emphasis

            ·Full History Major


            Substitute Teaching (2008-Present)

                        ·Verona / Middleton-Cross Plains Area School Districts

                                    -Substitute in all subject areas and with all ages and all abilities

                                    -Take pride in following teacher’s plans and thrive on finding teaching moments of my own

                                    -Learning much more deeply how an entire district operates and coherently nurtures our young

                                    -Gained a first-hand understanding of where my students are coming from, academically and                                         socially, as well as how to prepare students for their future expectations in school and life

            Teaching English as a Foreign Language (2007-2008)

                         ·Shane English School  – Hangzhou, China

                                    -Planned and taught 14 entirely different hour and forty minute classes to 4-18 year olds weekly

                                    -Taught in a public middle school focusing on English listening to 7th and 8th graders

                                    -Acquired an ability and comfort in leading classrooms of many varying abilities and ages

                                    -Learned to adapt quickly to new and unforeseen situations, both in my lessons and in life

            Student Teaching (Spring 2006)

            · Savanna Oaks Middle School – Fitchburg, WI

                        - Lead four sections of 8th grade U.S. History and one section of Civics

                        -Worked closely with a four-member team discussing student needs and coordinating lessons  

                        -Volunteered in Savanna Oaks’ ASAP after school program for at-risk students

                        -Saw how a highly engaged staff can create an environment of community for all learners

            · DeForest High School – DeForest, WI

                        - Co taught State and Local Government to sophomores

                        - Observed and assisted in specific lessons of Advanced Placement U.S. History

Coaching (2002)

            ·Platteville Pride Soccer Club (Ages 17-18)

                        - Enjoyed teaching skills and leading young people in a disciplined and competitive environment

Related Experience

                        ·Volunteering at Neighborhood House After-School Programs 48 N. Mills St. Madison, WI (2003)

-Designed activities and monitored behavior for a summer camp type program

                                    -Was able of get to know and enjoy about 75 seven to thirteen year olds from a wide variety                                        of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds

                        ·Nakoma Golf Club  (2010-Present)

                                     -Hire, train, and lead teams of employees operating our outdoor restaurant each summer

                                     -Coordinate with the executive chef and other management to exercise effective long and short                                              term planning strategies while managing the events, menu, pricing, inventory, and ordering

Travel Experience

Austria Belgium Canada Cambodia China Czech Rep. Dominican Rep. Egypt England Estonia Finland France            

Germany Greece Italy Jamaica Laos Netherlands Switzerland Thailand Turkey Vietnam and 40 U.S. States