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My Journeys: Fall 2003
and Winter 2006
I studied abroad at St. Mary's University upon Strawberry Hill just south of London where, long ago,  King Henry VIII had his hunting grounds.  I through myself into my studies spent as
much time as I could walking along the River Thames, exploring London's numerous museums, and traversing the London subway system known as "The Tube."  

Day trips brought me out to Bath where ancient Roman hot baths were built over the natural springs, Stratford upon Avon where William Shakespeare lived, and to majestic Stonehenge.

The semester was an amazing experience that truly opened my eyes to the world.  After studying in London and exploring as much of Europe as I could afford, all I wanted to do was see more and different places.

This desire was fulfilled in 2007 when I secured a job teaching English as a foreign language in China.  It was only fitting that my next journey to Asia started in London again.  This time, I met an old friend from University and visited him in his northern home of Newcastle.  

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