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Hong Kong and Macau


My Journey: Spring 2008
Hong Kong is made up of a few islands and a peninsula on China's coast.  It was snatched by British imperialists and held as a British Protectorate until 1999.  Today, it is an official part of China but remains a unique and special mixture of East and West with its own government. 
This city is the single most metropolitan place I have visited in the world.  While strolling down the streets, it seems there is an almost equal make-up of every kind of person on the globe.

The first place I visited after my year in China was Hong Kong.  Only after a year in mainland China could make Hong Kong feel like home.  I had totally forgotten about cottage cheese until I saw it on the breakfast buffet...  

Macau was snatched by Portuguese imperialists and for the same reasons holds its own unique culture and charm.  I took a ferry over to Macau from Hong Kong for a day trip.  Today, Macau is best known for its high stakes gambling.  In 2008, it had just over taken Las Vegas for total bets.  Now, more than five times as much money changes hands in Macau than Las Vegas.

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