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My Journey: Spring 2008
I visited Turkey on my way home from teaching English in China.  I spent a week in Istanbul which is one of my favorite
cities in all the world.  It is the only city that straddles two continents--Europe and Asia!  People have fought over this city for much of its history.  It has passed between Western and Eastern powers, as well as between Christian and Muslim rulers.  Few places in the world have this kind of mixed history and culture.

The western coast of Turkey was part of the Greek world in ancient times.  I visited the ruins of the actual city of Troy and stood the very place that the Apostle Paul preached before being taken to jail.  Pamukkale is a geothermal area similar to Yellowstone National Park.  Pamukkale has natural hot spring pools that are also naturally carbonated.  I swam in a hot spring pool that Cleopatra and Marc Antony swam in two thousand years ago.

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