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My Journey: Spring 2007
The most important thing I want to say is that Vietnam is a country not a war.  It is easy for Americans to forget this.  I entered Vietnam in the North from China and made my way all
the way South to Ho Chi Minh City.  The highlights were in the North.  Ha Long Bay is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin where gorgeous stone spires rise out of the sea.  Sapa is a beautiful town high in the mountains near China.  The native Hmong peoples of this area have terraced the hills for farming rice.  I hiked into the tiny villages and stayed with the local people.  No text book or web page can teach you about a culture like eating with people in their homes.

Whenever I went to a museum or tourist attraction, the guides or tour operators would quickly realize me and my wife were American and then the rest of the tour was directed to us.  It did not feel mean in any way, but that the people were simply proud of their history and wanted to tell Americans like me their story.

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